Setu Foundation

SETU foundation is working mainly for the education and employability of under-privileged and disabled people. SETU was established in the year 2014 in the aftermath of the AHMADABAD Gujarat of 2014-2015.

Even prior to its official launch SETU grant program 2015 to provide funding support for trusts that are innovating to empower Students, women and promote girl child education in INDIA. SETU Grant programme 2015 is an attempt to Recognize and support innovation in the areas of education, health and well-being, economic security and livelihoods, social and cultural rights and governance. The objective schemes to tackle the Various challenges facing women in India. SETU foundation envisions a classless society based on equality of Opportunity for every individual.

SETU to student, women and children for disadvantage communities through welfare programs in the field of health, hygiene, education, skill up-gradation and gender equality

The overall vision of the program is the Development, Education of the students. SETU is doing all the works for the interest benefits of the students and recognize, promote and support outstanding innovations that are catalysing positive change across India. SETU foundation is doing all the Development educational activities for any students since last one year. In the previous years,Then students have gets all the benefits SETU Foundation is a charitable organization with the mission endeavouring to save and empower the underprivileged in partnership with like minded organizations that endorse and share our values of transparency and accountability.

What about educational programs?

Our team will be providing guidance and options for students through outreach programs but also the creations of resources centers in Gujarat

Why work in India?

India has one of the world's largest populations in the world yet the public benefits are quite limited. Our vision is to improve quality of life by getting involved in two simple tasks: make healthcare more approachable and to make post-secondary education an option.